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Friday, 1 May 2015

Profitable strategies - 3 large specialized errors and what to do instead (inches wide - mile deep)

Selecting and sticking with profitable is one of the most important steps for the success of online constantly.

The goal of online success is hard why you're reading this article, right?

At the same time, there are some big mistakes that get in the way. Here are three of the biggest mistakes and what to do instead:

Mistake # 1 - Choose position is based solely on the specialized emotion - one of the biggest myths online model is all you need to do is to find something you're passionate about, and do online, and the money will start rolling in.

What to do instead: You must combine passion with your prospects something in dire need or want to learn how to do.

Mistake # 2 - status not stick to your niche - do not put more business on the Internet with any new position long enough to make a difference.

Selection of specialized and do some things with it, and then when they do not roll the money in the immediate termination and go somewhere else.

This specialized and tried for a while, and when they do not roll the money back immediately to move to another position.

Etc ...

What to do instead: Choose your horse and ride that horse until it starts to make a profit. Most online entrepreneurs fail simply because they give up before they reach the gold. Sometimes just an inch of gold.

Mistake # 3 position - to go it alone - this is such a common mistake. For example, a young man online business can attend a seminar or read an article like this and then decides to go to understand all of this alone.

Finally, you can. After spending much more money and a lot, for a period much longer than necessary to achieve success.

What to do instead - get the training and education with someone with experience, just do not do it alone.

I've been a full-time online for many years and have a high turnover of six. I will always do no matter how successful these two steps:

1) You will always be my coach, and

2) We will always be part of the mastermind.


Here is the main reason: no matter how much success to become, it is easy to get closer to your business that you do not see a clear and important things. I was very close.

That's why I'm always the eyes of another person in my online business.

How to ensure that the content not be ignored

I had heard and read a million times. Content is king! He is king for many different reasons. Content you need to build your target audience and you need content to express what you have to offer an eloquent and exciting way, a way that attracts people and forcing them to interact with you.

Know how to write content that sticks
Interestingly, you can write the content that you think is amazing. You may think you have to say, and how you manage to express it is the best way anyone in the universe can happen. However, their perception may not have to imagine what the other person. Some content has interesting points to make, but still, people do not go out of their way to come and interact with you after reading your article. Thus, the questions, why not, and what to do to change the outcome? First, it's a good idea to study what has been done with its contents at this stage. If you can identify what you are doing wrong, you can fix it.

Send content that grabs: Very good content again, may I have written, sensitive (something like comfortable shoes), but can not catch anyone. You can not just sit there. People like to stick to something. They love controversy and I like to be happy. If you do not content lead to new talks, already. To engage people, you need to make the contents of them, not about you. Language must be clear and concise and should focus on what is important to someone else. Your content should include what is new and exciting about what you are doing with your brand and commercial offerings. However, it must be transformed from your content on how to link these offers the needs and desires of the other person.

Make sure you understand the message and history clearly: There is a distinct possibility that not everyone who reads your content you get what you are trying to transfer. That is why it is very important to use clear and concise language. However, there will be a percentage then I do not understand I do not want to say that I do not understand. With this concept in mind as a possibility, it is probably a good idea to examine the content posted so you can identify potential hotbeds of tension. You must be careful with the use of the terminology. You really need to use it in a discriminatory manner. It is also a good idea to keep in mind that you have a short time to attract the attention of the reader only. In fact, if you can not grab them by the title in three seconds, and you will not read anything more than that. If you are lucky enough to get behind the title, you do not have yet a good chance to keep their attention if your content is not dramatic and convincing enough.

Avoid fluff: As long you take a closer look at its content, and remember to be secured. If there was a lot of fluff. People will realize that very quickly. People have very little time and a little patience to be tolerant with lint. You definitely have in you to make a meaningful and valuable content. Undoubtedly, it is worth the time and effort to make sure that this level of quality that produce and yours.

Be careful where you send your content: If you do not put content correctly, you may not get the largest number of readers that you want. It is very important to use a smart strategy when it comes to where you are putting your content. Want to get the most bang for your buck! This is one of the areas that are important analyzes. You can keep track of what is happening with their numbers will determine what happens and then understand how to fix it.

Beware indifference: Even if you think your content is valuable and will benefit your readers, you have to be careful with the idea that you send content that may not mean much to some readers. If this proves to be the case, you will have to reconsider the content. There is no way around it. Unfortunately, the hard part is to identify it.
If you follow the advice here, you will succeed in providing unconvincing content, value and exciting and impressive to others one way or another. If you do it right, you do not take into account its contents. Readers want to keep the discussion going for a long time. If your content is compelling and exciting, and people will want to read. Remember to write such a way that the reader has to understand its contents, first and foremost, should benefit. It is not back!

Michael Cohen is the founder and chief technology officer (CTO) of CompuKol communications. He has more than 25 years of experience in the field of information technology and Web technology. Mr. Cohen spent a great deal of time in a major telecommunications company where he was its main objective to start and guide the efforts of the synergies in all business units and improve efficiency dramatically and online collaboration capabilities of the company's intranet, which accelerated the gains in labor productivity. It also reduces travel costs and travel companies to introduce and implement the various collaborative technologies.

His experience includes business analysis. Project management; multi-range equipment management worldwide. Systems analysis and engineering, and architecture, and modeling and integration; technology assessment and evaluation; systems development; performance evaluation; management and development abroad.

Mr. Cohen earned a master's in project management from George Washington University in Washington, DC. In Master of Computer Science and Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

How to earn $ 200 a day selling products and services (not teachers or tricks)

Last it would be like to earn $ 200 a day selling products and services in a specialized industry or market that you like? Are you sick and tired of chasing gurus online ... and tricks, and the loss of time and energy and effort and income in a dream that feels increasingly out of reach?

Imagine how different your days you feel if you've woken up and in fact do what you love for a living, and really awaken the world to your business? The good news is that if you have a sense of passion and purpose of their work, and really eager to contribute as much cash, you can have the best of the best of the worlds, as of today.

I want to give a great "master schedule" of simple process will have to continue to go from zero to full-time income, but in the next 30-60 days. I also want to assure you that you can do this, and you can throw all that starting from the end of this week's budget.

Ready? Let's get on and explore what I think is the absolute fastest way to earn a few hundred dollars per day from scratch, and literally take advantage of the progress in the business six-figure you'll love for years to come.

Step 1 - Select the passion. Decide what you really want to do, it is very good, and you make others pay for them. (Or teach them to do for themselves) and there are all sorts of "passion for life" exercises you can use to resolve this, and I did not have the space to locate here, but only to decide what really makes you feel alive. .. And then account for the commitment to build the brand, and businessmen and banks about it)

Step 2 - Create the cornerstone of the content. This is the master of all his local knowledge, experience and knowledge about the passion you choose to launch their project outline. This is also a living document, and you can add it to go and grow and deepen their expertise (and lessons learned) in its place.

Step 3 - start creating products. It seems scary, is not it? It should not be. You can literally start creating recordings know where ideas directly from the content foundation stone her (the main schedule that you created earlier) by audio recordings and e-books Amazon and short training live audience committed and enthusiastic, and the first customers have almost a week.

Step 4 - The real secret to take advantage of market penetration level of $ 200 a day as soon as possible? Re-use of your content. For example, recently I started a new project with partners where we shook silhouette 2 e-books from Amazon to earn about $ 50 per day, and then we recorded the same content (and questions from readers) in a series of audio recordings and PDF documents that are sold in Gumroad (e-commerce market for content creators) also earn about $ 75 per day in total.

When taken in the largest station group and private training we provide to the same customers and the community, customers need only 4 per month to break the barrier of $ 200 per day, literally, it all began with the boot budget.

The whole process looks something like this, and when we do with more details.

Content creation.

The use of this content to build community.

Communication with the community to find out what they need, and they will buy to find out what he knows.

Create products and services that meet those needs COACHING.

Conversion rate of customers society of digital products in ... and a lower proportion of customers in the training of clients to the upper end.

Rinse, repeat and continue to build your brand, your blog, your business and your bank account ... and continue to play an important marketing and contribute to the community is a top priority!

3 things you can do and make money online

Are you unemployed or looking for an additional source of income? You can earn good money on the Internet if you have the right skills. These are some of the things that you can do, and make money online:

Customer service

It can be many new and small companies can not manage the customer service of its own. Therefore, they prefer to outsource this service. The good news is that there are many companies that provide services and can work from anywhere in the world.

All you have to do is apply for the position and then take a series of writing and phone tests. When the tests have to log on to the site and determine the number of hours they can work in a week is passed to you.

As a representative of the customer who will work for different companies service. Here we are answered e-mail messages and phone calls on behalf of the different companies. Calls that will include revenue and callers who want to buy products or services products. You also have to deal with dissatisfied customers (ready for this). In some cases, there may be a need to conduct outbound marketing calls on behalf of the companies.

Taking surveys

There are many online companies that are willing to pay people to try their products and give honest opinions. In most cases, digital products, such as software.

Such as when you want to provide customer service, and you need to register with the company. The good news is that you do not have to take tests in order to start taking surveys simply register with the company and you can start taking paid surveys almost immediately.

Re-sale addresses

URL is the characteristics of the Internet and can be bought and sold easily. All you have to do is to search and find the most popular terms that a lot of people are looking for. You should then go to the provider URL and get the address. If anyone is interested in the use of the direction he / she will have to buy from you.

Correct position

Remember to do online jobs similar to running your own business. Therefore, you must have the right attitude, who wants to succeed. Besides having the right attitude it is also necessary to have great determination, especially during the beginning of his career. For repeat customers you need always to provide high quality work. You should not lie to their customers.

How to attract customers to your web site

Finding ways to engage customers regularly is one of the most important challenges facing these days business owners. So far, many consider blogs as an indispensable tool in your marketing efforts. Blog now use their Web site to provide advice and valuable information to current and potential clients. Like many business owners come to know, it is often very difficult to get customers or clients committed to their work. From our own experience, the following things is recommended that proved to be useful to attract customers and get them to read our blog active work.

Linking your website to sign your e-mail. In this way, every time you send an e-mail message, your blog link happens automatically with the recipient of your e-mail. Imagine how many people could be reached if the way you are sending tens of thousands of e-mails regularly.

Regularly publish content valuable. All your readers need from you is the value that can help them information. Avoid sales promotion in your blog. Last is the only valuable information that readers can use in their own business or help solve a pressing problem.

Prolific clients cited in your blog. One of the best ways to reach their customers actively in your blog is participating in the words often. Citing their clients makes them feel good, useful, and thus ensure that a return to your web site regularly to see if there was something in them. It is a very effective way to engage customers.

Immediate response to the concerns and questions from customers. That makes them feel important and valuable. If it becomes your web site the best place to go to find the answers to questions and concerns, make sure it will stay.

Be open and honest in your blog. To build trust, you must find ways to try to show the sincere and everything in your blog. To make your blog interesting, you can also share stories about honest mistakes and problems, and how do you go about solving them.

Regularly sending out notices to its customers via e-mail. One of the best ways to get customers to read your blog is to be sent notified by e-mail every time you a new job. Always intimate about your content in the best new, even if it is in the form of newsletters. Once hooked, I always go back to check on their own without further impulses.

Exchange links your website in social media. It has been proven now completely that one of the best ways to drive traffic to the blog content through social media. The goal is to reach the largest possible number of people who share the values ​​of business with you. If ordinary messages can be enough to attract the attention of these people to visit your website through the link that accompanies his position.

Promote special offers and discounts on special occasions. Almost everyone there looking for a good deal. If sometimes promote special deals and discounts, which can reach the largest number of people looking for a good job to get to your website.

Investment in good design of the platform and web hosting. That is quite clear. Many users are always in a hurry. How your website truly captivating design can help stop your attention enough to achieve what they offer. A good web hosting network makes sure your site is always online, and to share and search. A small investment to get these things in place helps a lot to attract customers to your site.

Sully Yesufu, professional certificate talking, I've had a strategic partner in the management consulting SDY, an investment firm, a small business consultant company since 1999. He is the author and journalist published writer. One skilled in small business and personal development that focus on communicating his thoughts and ideas, particularly through training seminars and popular blog business. He offers tips on self-improvement, personal finance, entrepreneurship, current news, politics and business in Nigeria, the most populous in Africa and vibrant country.

Control of your e-mail habits before they control you

As a small business owner, and some things are more important than good and effective time management productivity. Unfortunately, this is not always easy to obtain. Especially when Facebook to see, to read blog, steady stream of e-mail messages to respond.

Unlike Facebook and blogs, however, e-mail is not something small business owners can or should avoid working hours. Problems arise when too much time is spent on reading and re-reading them while taking no action.

As for the use MailChimp through our e-mail marketing campaigns, we are able to control the e-mail to our subscribers habits. Some of the trends I've noticed consider this information is quite shocking. Some people actually open the e-mail messages in up to 21 separate occasions.

It is clear that this is a big waste of time, and that led us to share some tips on how to control their e-mail habits before control.

Restraint with Timer

Set yourself a specific amount of time each task every day is a great way to make sure you do not spend a lot of time in only one and neglect other. You can even customize the time to get your fix of unearned sites are usually the ongoing trial and distraction.

One of the most popular time management systems is the Pomodoro technique, a way to customize your working time spent medium-length cut, usually take about twenty-five minutes, interspersed with short periods of rest five or ten minutes.

If necessary, take twenty-five minutes of e-mail intensive time, perhaps two or three times a day, and will help you to focus your mind on the task at hand, while giving a window of five or ten minutes blameless to check Facebook or surf some blog to refresh your mind in the middle.

Accountability look good on paper

If you find quickly your e-mail checking and not work continuously throughout the day, it may shock you to learn how many times you do this, even if the cumulative time spent so is not.

Every time you turn your mind to your e-mail, if only briefly, you take away from all the other important tasks that need very special attention.

It is natural to say that you do not often, while minimizing the real figure, but with pen and paper with you and keep track of the number of times check your email and do nothing all day will help to see how often does, which in turn will give visible evidence may you need to control the habit.

This method is not limited to just the e-mail habits, either. Track how many times we unconsciously open a page or social networking Show blog read may not actually help reduce this habit also.

Another type of game theory

Irrefutable fact of life is that people are more likely to work in jobs if they had enjoyed. Another fact of life is that no one has wade through the backlog of e-mail messages. The obvious solution here, then, is to make one way or another e-mail fun task, and eliminate the boredom that people are constantly pushing to navigate social networks and non-work-related blog. If there were a way.

Hello to you in the game.

Easy to find on Google, Game E-mail is a Web that turns the task of cleaning your inbox in something nice, which of course helps to motivate to get through them quickly, eliminating the bottleneck of the application and that he can check freeing you to move on to the next step in your to-do list.

Control over your habits mail today

Weather in the mail every day is inevitable for small businesses spending business owners, but the cultivation of good habits can ensure that time is well spent and not wasted. Every minute saved in not checking your inbox without doing anything that could be spent on something more productive.

It can even be reprogrammed to become the reserved time to browse social networks, read blogs, or any other recreational activity that can help relax your mind and keep your focus on the important tasks of the day.

Put your personal LinkedIn work for you today

Sales online world is constantly changing and evolving, and become more competitive in the market and constantly crowded with vendors people who are all trying to get the attention of a group of potential buyers.

There must be a good plan of social media part of any online marketing campaign, but even with the usual suspects of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, the message can still come across as faceless touch.

Fortunately, there are social media that are ideal for making personal contacts with potential customers platform. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked by marketers who do not understand the real value of spending time in your profile, and networks, and content.

LinkedIn has been designed specifically to connect professionals in the appropriate online environment, dedicated, and we know better sales. This is why they can spend up to six hours a week on LinkedIn. It is part of the media plan, here are some tips to help make it a part of you too.

Look your best before the arrival of the guests

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and nothing looks worse business and personal means of social media is incomplete. Like any platform used in its social media, the most important thing is to make sure your profile LinkedIn is 100% complete.

And there is a picture is essential because no one wants to deal with a glance without one. Also remember that LinkedIn is the site of action, and should reflect the image of that. Professional shots in the head works better than a picture of you water skiing.

Add a summary of all your previous work history, including training and volunteer work, and anything else you think might make potential customers want to work with you. LinkedIn even say how close to the right hand of your profile is complete.

Once you are sure they are in good condition, you can invite someone you know to communicate with you. LinkedIn lets you import contact your e-mail destinations to complete, making the time and effort provides otherwise looking for them.

LinkedIn, content is still king

Like any other platform that is used in social media plan, and download content is a sure way of being noticed on LinkedIn. Or video images of the relevant work well, such as bonding with the items that you think will be of value to your expectations. And it can be a useful piece I've seen anywhere else on the Internet, or links to your company or your own personal blog. Post your content must, of course, another part of his plan for social media.

If you have something to say, but elsewhere say it is also possible to publish articles directly to LinkedIn be long, and have them appear on a wide range of LinkedIn. This can be done help you to be recognized as a figure authority on a particular topic, and at least be a way to get more eyes on your profile.

Whether posting links, articles long form or short updates simply, always remember to add the media. Even a simple picture is more striking than simple text, and will be much more likely to be common in the circles that can not be after in.

Professional social network is a social

Despite being designed for professionals to connect with each other, the social network LinkedIn continues, and this means that you must use to be social.

This does not mean taking vital time away from everything else you need to do in the working day. As part of its plan to social media in general, just minutes seventeen day was like commenting or exchange messages and expectations of your notice to you, and encourage them to return the favor with its contents as well.

This has two main advantages; will remain at the forefront of the minds of your prospects, and your content will be seen by people outside their own circle, with the staff recommendation to your prospect.

Another way to deal with people in your community is to make sure you give several recommendations for the truth. Along the lines of taste and share content, and people will come back for the benefit of, and recommendations for you means more credibility, which increases the likelihood that the odds be dangerous.

With other social networks, it may be difficult to add a personal touch to the features work without losing professional message. For marketers, LinkedIn is the best way to promote himself personally as a businessman and respected should be included in any relevant means of social communication plan. Just make sure that you follow our advice to maximize the potential of LinkedIn.